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Products tailored for the COVID-19 situation

Our dynamic team serves a wide range of clients in the food industry, industrial machinery and product manufacturing. The strength of our company is to work in concert with our customers in order to effectively meet their expectations.

4 different models available

Removable Screen Protector

This removable protective screen, designed for counters, measures 23.25”x 29.25” and facilitates social distancing between your employees and customers during commercial exchanges. An opening for transactions is provided to facilitate payments and daily communications in complete security. This protective screen is perfect for pharmacies, bakeries, nurseries, convenience stores, banks, food markets, dentists, optometrists and much more.

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Hands-Free Door Opener

This hands-free door opener prevents contamination of doors frequently used by customers or doors commonly used by employees during commercial exchanges. With its upper and lower tabs, two different grip options are available to facilitate the opening of the door.

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